TNR Power On Buttons

This page describes the behaviour of the TNR when certain buttons are held down on power up/boot. Most of these require a degree of finger flexibility (or a friend) since they aren’t easy to actually do.

Safe to execute

Combination Name Description
[OK] & [CANCEL] “ROM Update” Allows new “Main” firmware to be loaded. This is how Yamaha update the firmware (e.g. to v210) and can be rolled back if required.
[L1] & [L5] “Advanced Mode” Enters advanced mode, allowing the layer types (Score/Random etc.) to be changed
[L1] & [CLEAR] “Test Mode” This is described in the service manual. This provides a menu to a series of inbuilt tests that a service engineer can use to diagnose an issue.
[L2] & [CLEAR] “Auto test mode” Runs through all the tests one by one
[L3] & [CLEAR] “DAC test” Runs a DAC test (produces a continuous loud tone until you turn it off)
[R5] & [CANCEL] Boot test output Outputs the results of the boot ROM test
[R5] & [CLEAR] “Normal mode” Cancels the advanced mode setting, back to normal mode

Not Safe to execute

The following ones provide ways of updating other sections of the ROM. I have an image of the boot code, and of the Tone generator code (and default sounds), but I’ve never been brave enough to load them back into the TNR. Hence this health warning : Updating any of these is likely to brick your TNR.

Combination Name Description
[R1] & [CANCEL] “Main Prog Update” This updates the boot code of the TNR.
[R2] & [CANCEL] “TG Prog Update” This updates the code running on the SWL01 (the Tone Generator).
[R3] & [CANCEL] “TG Wave Update” This updates the instrument definitions running on the SWL01, as well as (via a separate file) the names of the instruments.
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