TNR Power On Buttons

This page describes the behaviour of the TNR when certain buttons are held down on power up/boot. Most of these require a degree of finger flexibility (or a friend) since they aren’t easy to actually do.

Safe to execute

Combination Name Description
[OK] & [CANCEL] “ROM Update” Allows new “Main”/TLCS firmware to be loaded. This is how Yamaha update the firmware (e.g. to v210) and can be rolled back if required.
[L1] & [L5] “Advanced Mode” Enters advanced mode, allowing the layer types (Score/Random etc.) to be changed
[L1] & [CLEAR] “Test Mode” This is described in the service manual. This provides a menu to a series of inbuilt tests that a service engineer can use to diagnose an issue.
[L2] & [CLEAR] “Auto test mode” Runs through all the tests one by one
[L3] & [CLEAR] “DAC test” Runs a DAC test (produces a continuous loud tone until you turn it off)
[R5] & [CANCEL] Boot test output Outputs the results of the boot ROM test
[R5] & [CLEAR] “Normal mode” Cancels the advanced mode setting, back to normal mode

Not Safe to execute

The following ones provide ways of updating other sections of the ROM. I have an image of the boot code, and of the Tone generator code (and default sounds). The TG program and TG sounds are probably safe to load, but I haven’t tried it yet, hence the caution. Updating the “Main Prog” is extremely dangerous, since the “Main Prog” is in fact responsible for providing its own update - i.e. if you corrupt the Main Prog, there is no way of recovering your TNR. Updating this will brick your TNR.

Combination Name Description
[R1] & [CANCEL] “Main Prog Update” This updates the boot code of the TNR.
[R2] & [CANCEL] “TG Prog Update” This updates the code running on the SWL01 (the Tone Generator).
[R3] & [CANCEL] “TG Wave Update” This updates the instrument definitions running on the SWL01, as well as (via a separate file) the names of the instruments.
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