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This page contains a link to the the releases so far.

General installation instructions

Each release is provided as a zipped “.tup” file, to be loaded into the Tenori-On in the same way as you loaded v2.10.

That is :

  1. Unpack the .zip file and copy the .tup to the TENORI-ON folder on your SD card.
  2. Insert the SD card into your TENORI-ON. Turn the TENORI-ON while pressing [OK] and [CANCEL] simultaneously.
    • After a short time, the firmware data list is displayed.
  3. Use the jog dial to select the firmware data to install, and then push the OK button.
  4. Press the OK button again when the “Start Update ?” query appears.
    • The update will start after about 20 seconds. The update process takes about 90 seconds in total.
    • Depending on SD card type, more time may be required.
  5. When installation is complete, switch the TENORI-ON off, then on again.

    The following then differs from the standard approach, because expected locations for things have moved around a bit.

  6. If the system hangs on startup (i.e. never moves on from the title screen), then you will need to do a TEST MODE Factory reset. This will remove any loaded samples and reset back to “normal” rather than “advanced” mode, but it is easy to put these back.

    • Turn off, then turn on while holding [L1] and [CLEAR]. The text “Test Mode” and “TEST” will appear
    • Use the rotary dial to change “TEST” to “047 Factory Set”. Press OK
    • Wait until the “–” has changed to “End”. Then turn off and turn on.
  7. If the system didn’t hang on startup, it is recommended to perform the “normal” factory reset, which is the same, but retains the user loaded samples. Use the System Menu to perform a Factory Reset. After this you will need to restore the normal Tenori-on advance mode ([L1] + [L5] on startup).

Note that, while I try to retain as much backward compatibility as possible, some releases will not play songs/layers/blocks from earlier releases (or the 2.10 release) correctly, since certain settings have changed.

Liability Waiver !

Please note that while these images work on my Tenori-on, I hold no liability for any damage they may cause to yours!


Several people have contributed ideas for new features; ideas are always welcome. The queue for implementation is quite long, so please be patient!

The barrier to contributing code is quite high - you need a good working knowledge of assembly language - nevertheless, some users are managing to contibute code! Many thanks!

User Contributions
PAKL Quick layer copy via R1
LCD Stack output for debugging
Splits in push mode
Abacus layer type

List of releases and downloads

The latest release is A030. (January 16th 2021). The known open bugs in the latest release can be seen below.

Each release contains, cumulatively, all the previous release features, so it is only necessary to download and install the latest release. The list of features in the latest release can most easily be seen by looking at the New Features tag.

Release Adds Feature link Download link
“Send” Meta
Delayed Block Chage
New animations
Send meta
Delayed Block change
New animations
A030 firmware
A029 Abacus Layer Type
Offbeat split
Abacus layer
Updated splits
A029 firmware
A028 Split implementation in Push mode,
Chance & Pan splits,
MIDI compliant start,
Pan & Velocity Meta controller,
Updated splits
Compliant MIDI start
Pan and Velocity meta controllers
A028 firmware
A027 Score256 bar length,
Quick Layer copy,
Score256 now uses master loop to set bar length
Quick layer copy via R1
A027 firmware
A026 Meta controller feature improvements Score+Score256 mode : meta controllers act “in time” rather than late.
Score256 mode : current block does not change when block change meta used
A026 firmware
Refined MIDI features, fix for bugs 004 and 007 MIDI Transport
Extended Recording
Extended MIDI quiet
Extended Block change
A025 firmware
A024 Bugfix release Performance improvement, Fix for bugs 010 + 011 A024 firmware
Unlocked (limited) user sample pitch shifting Limited User sample pitch shift A023 firmware
A022 Bugfix release Fix for bugs 008 + 009 A022 firmware
A021 Arp-4 meta controller + fix for bug 006 Arp-4 meta controller A021 firmware
A019 Transpose meta controller + fix for bugs 003 and 005 Master Transpose meta controller A019 firmware
A018 Recording Recording A018 firmware
Block change meta controller + fix for bug 002 Block change meta controller A017 firmware
Control Change Control Change A016 firmware
Splits Splits A015 firmware
A014 Bugfix release Fixes bug 001 : “Save as Alarm / Chime / Default” error A014 firmware
256-step score Score 256 A013 firmware
A010 Remote block change Block change A010 firmware
Selectable Sysex output Midi quiet A009 firmware
A008 Per-layer midi channels Per layer midi channel A008 firmware
Per-layer scales
Additional scales
Per layer scales A006 firmware

List of open bugs

ID Issue Appears in Fix status
018 Clear with a Send meta clears all layers rather than just the target A030 Open

List of closed bugs

ID Issue Appears in Fix status
001 Save As (Save as default, save as alarm, save as time signal) fails for settings - saved settings are not used. A008-A013 Fixed in A014 and later
002 In score modes, changing blocks to block N results in notes playing that are a mixture of blocks N and N+1 A015-A016 Fixed in A017
003 Using the block change meta controller, the LED display of the loop points doesn’t update, so that L4 shows loop points that are “off screen” A017-A018 Fixed in A019
004 Using the rotary dial to modify the loop points while [L4] is pressed causes the TNR to reboot A013-A024 Fixed in A025
006 Release A019 broke the recorder from A018 ! A019 Fixed in A021
007 Midi recorder timing (i.e. grid position) in score mode incorrect A018, A021-A024 Fixed in A025
005 Saving + loading blocks and songs with the new layer settings does not preserve the new settings A013-A018 Fixed in A019
008 Similar to 003, off-screen loop display in score-256 “leaks” into current display when function keys are used A021 Fixed in A022
009 Layer 16 has “ghost” notes in block 1 when block is playing off-screen A013-A021 Fixed in A022
010 Setting layer volume with [R4] results in some LEDs dimly lit incorrectly (visual effect only) A016-A023 Closed in A024
011 Master Scale menu range does not include all user defined scales A022 Closed in A024
012 Launching master loop point from score256 when loop points are offscreen leaks LED state (similar to 003, 008) A022 Closed in A027
013 Score256: If loop end is block 16, position16, loop start is ignored A026 Fixed in A027
014 Score256: Block copy confuses off-screen display of loop points A026 Fixed in A028
015 Score256: Splits are not correctly timed for off-screen blocks A026 Fixed in A027
016 Quick copy: type not forced when all blocks chosen. A027 Fixed in A028
017 Reset loop position (L1+R4) leads to timing error with meta controllers A026 Fixed in A028
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