Sound Meta Controllers

This function introduces a number of meta controllers that affect the on-board sounds.

These meta controllers are instruments that, rather than playing notes, set an aspect of another layers on-board sounds. This includes:

  • Modulation
  • Tremolo Depth
  • Damper pedal
  • Sostenuto pedal
  • Attack Time
  • Release Time
  • Timbre / Resonance / Harmonics
  • Brightness (VCF cutoff frequency)

In all cases, the value to use is indicated by the “note”. For example, for the attach time, the lowest pitch provides a attack time of 0, and the highest pitch is a attack time of 127. Note that different on-board sounds will respond to these meta controllers in slightly different ways.

This function is a property of the layer, and is selected under the layer menu. When active, the main display will change slightly to indicate that it is not an “INST” that is being played, but a META.

The layer targetted for the property change is, as for the Arp-4 meta controller, set via the layers “midi channel” menu setting - channel 1 means layer 1, channel 2 means layer 2, etc.

Some notes:

  1. Fun stuff to try : set up an XY layer, with brightness and timbre meta controllers, and use them to continuously vary the sound in the targetted layer.

  2. To “reset” the parameters, just change the instrument in the targetted layer.

Compatibility Issues

None known.


Introduced in A034.

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