Multi Layer L4

This function adds the ability to set loop top/ends for all ScoreX layers from a single screen.

This setting is enabled in the [L4 options] item of the [Preferences] menu.

This function can be activated in any layer, by rapidly double-pressing L4.

Each layer is represented by a single row. The start and end blocks for ScoreX layers are shown. If a layer is not ScoreX, then nothing is displayed.

While holding L4, drag the top or end markers to their new location. If you drag a layer’s loop top LED, the layer will be set to loop from the corresponding block. Similarly, by dragging the loop end LED, the layer will loop until the corresponding block. For example, if the loop end indicator is set to the 4th column, that layer will loop at the end of its 4th block.

The loop point within a block will be preserved, so if your block is set to start at column 4, then changing the block will not change this position within a block.

Notes: - If the top and end markers are the same/overlapping – that is, only one LED is visible – dragging will attempt to move the loop end only. In this case, if you want to move the loop top, you must move the loop end first.

This function was contributed by user PAKL.

Compatibility Issues

None known.


Introduced in release A036.

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