Per layer scales (expanded)

This function adds

  1. the ability to set different scales per layer.
  2. some additional scales - 6 more preset ones and 16 more user defined ones.

Per-layer scales are set via a menu entry under “Layer”. Advanced mode will need to be active to see this menu entry (but I assume that everyone has this active…)

Using “Master scale” from the Play menu acts to set all scales in all layers to the same scale, in a similar way to the way Master loop speed operates.

In addition to the modes of the major scale, i.e. Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, and Locrian, the Chromatic scale, the Okinawan scale and the main User defined scale, I’ve added :

Scale Name Scale
Harmonic Minor scale
Melodic Minor (ascending) scale
Bebop (Dominant) scale
6-note blues scale scale
9-note blues scale scale
Whole tone scale scale

No “per-layer-scale” remote mode midi sysex has been included, so in remote mode, the TNR will not cause linked TNRs to change their layer scale.

(New!) There are also 16 user defined scales, called, imaginatively, Scale 1, Scale 2 and so on. These currently can’t be set directly; instead, the main “User” scale can be copied to and from these using the “Scale Copy” entry under the “Preference” menu. “FROM” means that the contents of the main, editable, User scale are replaced with the contents of scale 1..16, and “TO” means that the main editable User scale is copied TO scale 1..16 (or ALL). (Suggestions for a less clumsy UI are appreciated!)

Scales 1..16 are initialised empty, but once edited, can be saved and loaded (as part of songs, or as “settings”) including as defaults. Scales 1..16 can also be the target of the Arp-4 metacontroller

Compatibility Issues

Loading songs/blocks saved in previous releases will interpret the layer as Lydian, and probably get the octave setting wrong (likely -5). To fix this, load the block, modify the octave and layerscale, then save the block again.

Loading pre A021 songs or blocks will not set the “user” scales.


First included in A006

Bugfix for SaveAs (Alarm, Time Signal, Default) in A014.

Updated with 16 user scales in A021.

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