Meta Controller - Master Transpose

This function introduces a master transpose meta controller.

This meta controller is an instrument that, rather than playing notes, sets the Master Tranpose value for the rest of the TNR, similar to how it is done from [R3]. The transpose to use is indicated by the “note”, where the lowest pitch provides a transpose of -7 semitones, and the highest pitch is a tranpose of +8 semitones.

This function is a property of the layer, and is selected under the layer menu. When active, the main display will change slightly to indicate that it is not an “INST” that is being played, but a META.

A typical usage model for this is similar to the block change meta controller, and can be used alongside it. For example, to have layer 1 be a “sequencer” layer, using score-256 mode, with the transpose meta controller as its instrument. This provides a way of writing a track, with the selected current block being played for a certain time with one transpose, then a certain number of ticks at a different tranpose.

However, this does not preclude inventive use in other modes. The transpose meta controller deliberately doesn’t do anything in PUSH mode since it isn’t meaningful. Behaviour in SOLO mode does transpose as expected, but is probably only useful as a way of transposing with one key press e.g. in a live situation. (The bottom row in SOLO does nothing; for instant transpositions use the top row).

A few notes:

  1. Common to all meta-controllers, the transpose, in score modes, actually happens very slightly before the indicated column. This means that with two score layers running in perfect parallel, a transpose LED column 1 will take effect just before the other score layer gets to column 1. This is the intuitively expected behaviour.

Compatibility Issues

None known.


First included in A019; timing improved in A026

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