Responses to MIDI CC messages

This feature increases the number of MIDI CC message types that are recognised by the TNR.

The stock TNR firmware responds to the following MIDI CC message types, consistent with the MIDI implementation chart in the service manual.

CC (Dec) Meaning Comment
0, 32 Bank Select MSB, LSB Used to select the instrument
7 Volume Layer volume
8 Balance Layer balance/pan position
11 Expression Layer expression (a percentage of the volume)
91 Effect 1 Depth Amount of reverb
93 Effect 3 Depth Amount of chorus

Dissassembling the code running in the underlying SWL-01 tone generator reveals that actually the TG will respond to more CC message types than this; the chip is actually shared by a number of other Yamaha products that have a richer set of CC responses.

Since A034, the code has been modified to restore the original functioning of the following MIDI CC messages, although not all effects are audible with certain instruments.

CC (Dec) Meaning Comment
1 Modulation The modulation wheel on keyboards
64 Damper Pedal On/Off switch that controls the sustain pedal
66 Sostenuto Pedal On/Off switch like Damper pedal, but only holds notes that are on when the pedal is pressed
67 Soft Pedal On/Off switch that lowers the volume of played notes
71 Timbre VCF filter shaping : Resonance/Timbre
72 Release Time VCA filter shaping : Release time
73 Attack Time VCA filter shaping : Attack time
74 Brightness VCF filter shaping : Cutoff frequency
84 Portamento Amount of portamento (appears to do nothing)
92 Effect 2 Depth Amount of tremolo (odd effect)
120 All Sound Off All Sound off
121 Reset Controllers Resets all CC parameters to default
123 All Notes Off Treated as “All Notes Off”
124 Omni Mode Off Treated as “All Notes Off”
125 Omni Mode On Treated as “All Notes Off”
126 Mono Mode Treated as “All Sound Off”
127 Poly Mode Treated as “All Sound Off”

Several of these have also been made available as meta controllers.

Resetting controller values to their default can be achieved either by sending CC 121 “Reset Controllers”, or changing the instrument via [L1].

Compatibility Issues

None known.


First included in A034.

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