XY layer type

This function adds a new 2 axis XY controller layer type.

This layer type can be selected by changing the layer mode.

XY mode selection


The XY layer is inspired by 2-axis controllers such as the Kaosspad, where movement along the X axis modifies one parameter, and movement along the Y axis modifies a different parameter.

In the TNR, the LED movement is identical to the existing Random layer type, where the illuminated LED travels between the “notes” entered in the grid. However, unlike the normal random behavior where the “note” only sounds at each user entered point, in the XY type case messages are generated as the illuminated LED travels between points.

It is expected that the XY layer type is predominantly used with the “Control Change” or “Meta Controller” layer operation types. If the layer type is XY, and the layer operation is control change or meta controller, then pressing [L2] will allow the selection of the second axis’ controller. For example, using a meta controller, the X-axis could be set to “Pan” and the Y-axis could be set to “Volume”. Using [L1] sets the first axis’ controller as per normal, but the LCD display updates to show both.

Operation with [L1] Operation with [L2]

If the layer operation is an instrument type, e.g. a normal instrument or even a split, then each step of the LED’s journey will generate two notes - one from the X-axis and one from the Y-axis. This is a bit odd, but there may be a creative use for this, so it wasn’t disabled.

Compatibility Issues

You cannot load songs or blocks with an XY layer type in previous versions.


First included in A031.

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