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This page contains a link to the the releases so far.

General installation instructions

Each release is provided as a “.tup” file, to be loaded into the Tenori-On in the same way as you loaded v2.10.

That is :

  1. Copy the .tup to the TENORI-ON folder on your SD card.
  2. Insert the SD card into your TENORI-ON. Turn the TENORI-ON while pressing [OK] and [CANCEL] simultaneously.
    • After a short time, the firmware data list is displayed.
  3. Use the jog dial to select the firmware data to install, and then push the OK button.
  4. Press the OK button again when the “Start Update ?” query appears.
    • The update will start after about 20 seconds. The update process takes about 90 seconds in process.
    • Depending on SD card type, more time may be required.
  5. When installation is complete, switch the TENORI-ON off, then on again.
  6. Use the System Menu to perform a Factory Reset.

Note that, while I try to retain as much backward compatibility as possible, some releases will not play songs/layers/blocks from earlier releases (or the 2.10 release) correctly, since certain settings have changed.

Liability Waiver !

Please note that while these images work on my Tenori-on, I hold no liability for any damage they may cause to yours!

List of releases and downloads

Each release contains, cumulatively, all the previous release features.

Release Adds Feature link Download link
Per-layer scales
Additional scales
Per layer scales A006 firmware
A008 Per-layer midi channels Per layer midi channel A008 firmware
Selectable Sysex output Midi quiet A009 firmware
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Pika Blue is overly obsessed with midi controllers, especially unsupported ones with blinky lights .