Meta Controller - Velocity and Pan

This function introduces a velocity and pan meta controller.

These two meta controllers are instruments that, rather than playing notes, set the playing velocity (how hard the note is “hit”) and the pan position for another layer. in both cases, the value to use is indicated by the “note”. For the velocity, the lowest pitch provides a velocity of 1, and the highest pitch is a velocity of 127. For the pan, the lowest pitch is a pan position of far left, and the highest pitch is a pan position of far right.

This function is a property of the layer, and is selected under the layer menu. When active, the main display will change slightly to indicate that it is not an “INST” that is being played, but a META.

The layer targetted for the pan or velocity change is, as for the Arp-4 meta controller, set via the layers “midi channel” menu setting - channel 1 means layer 1, channel 2 means layer 2, etc.

The velocity controller can be used to add dynamic expression to another layer in a similar way to how a velocity split works, but allowing more dynamism. For example, a score layer with a velocity metacontroller can add on-the-beat emphasis to a random or even solo layer. A pan metacontroller allows for arpeggios in other layers to be played at random pan positions.

Compatibility Issues

None known.


First included in A019; timing improved in A028

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